Kate + Stephen | Organic Colorado I Do’s


Kate and Stephen’s August 2013 wedding at Pastures of Plenty organic farm north of Boulder reminds us that sometimes there is nothing better (or more beautiful) than keeping things simple and natural.  The couple kept their color palette neutral and drew from their stunning surroundings for their pretty decor.
Kate’s sister did all of their floral design and the couple and their friends emptied all of the Bulliet Bourbon bottles they used as vases prior to the big day (a hard task, we are sure). After a locally catered dinner, the couple and their wedding party danced the night away to a live bluegrass band – the perfect music for a farm wedding!


Photographer: Caitlin Hamilton Photography
Venue: Pastures of Plenty Farm
Catering: Big Bang Catering
Pies: Spruce Confections
Band: Blue Gramma Bluegrass
Tent + Furniture: Pastures of Plenty Farm
Floral Design: Bride’s Sister
Flowers: Pastures of Plenty Farm

Jennifer + Greg | Fort Collins Engagement


 Jennifer and Greg moved to Fort Collins, Colorado a year ago from Nashville, Tennessee. Greg is an airline pilot and has a pretty hectic schedule, so photographer Brian Maheux was lucky to catch a window of time where he was available for the couple’s engagement shoot.
The adorable couple chose “Old Town” Fort Collins and the Horsetooth Resovoir for their gorgeous shoot. We just adore the way Maheux shows off the historic charm and natural beauty of the Fort Collins area, not the mention the couple’s obvious affection for each other!


 V E N D O R
Photographer: Maheux Studios

Finding Your Best Photographer

Evolve Images Shares Tips on Choosing a Photographer to Fit Your Style

I heard a story the other day that I would like to share. A chef/owner of a restaurant met this well-known photographer. He saw his work and commented, “Wow, your blog1_photo1photographs are amazing! You must have a GREAT camera.” He continued to say, “You should come down to my restaurant and take some photos and enjoy my food while you are there.” So the photographer took him up on the offer.
After the photographer had his meal, the chef came out and asked him how everything tasted. The photographer said, “The food was amazing! You must have a GREAT stove.” I own a stove, but I can’t claim I am a chef…although I do love to bake! But just because I know how to operate the stove and can accomplish meals without burning the food, doesn’t mean I would open up a restaurant. The point is, just because someone has a camera doesn’t mean they are a photographer and it takes more than just a good camera to get GREAT photos!
blog1_photo2I am in no way saying that I am the photographer for everyone, because every photographer has his or her own style. What I am saying is that, if you haven’t, you should seriously consider hiring a professional and one that matches your style. Photography is an art.
So how do you know if your photographer matches your style? Before you look at hiring a photographer, view different wedding photos online to see what you like. What attracts you to each photo? What style of photography do you prefer? Once you figure that out, seek out photographers in your area that have a similar shooting and editing style. Don’t expect whomever you hire to be able to match your style.
You also want a photographer that will capture your personality, so make sure you feel comfortable with whoever you hire. You have to like, trust, and get a long with your photographer. Unless you hire a wedding planner, your photographer is the one blog1_photo3professional you will spend the most time with before and on your wedding day.
So how do you know if your photographer is a professional and specializes in weddings? Ask them how long they have been a photographer and specifically how long they have been shooting weddings. Covering a wedding is completely different than shooting a family photo. There are so many details during a wedding day that need to be captured and it takes experience to know what to expect.
Are they comfortable in any lighting?  Indoor or outdoor?  A professional is versatile and can take photos in any type of lighting.  Ask the photographer you are considering on hiring to see a wedding album (which should consist of at least 100 photos from one wedding) so blog1_photo4you can see what a full wedding of theirs looks like.  Read reviews of the photographer you plan on hiring.  You can find reviews on Facebook, Google, or websites like WeddingWire.com or TheKnot.com, if they have a listing.
Hiring a professional is worth it!  If you choose a photographer based only on price, you may have expectations that the photographer cannot meet.  Expectations that can’t be met might be anything from personalized service to high quality photos.  After all it’s your wedding day, it’s not like your photos or your experience with your photographer can be “re-done”.