British Columbia Real Wedding

"The Couple's Love Story"

Johnny and Kirsten knew each other back in high school and always had eyes for each other, but changing schools and different friend groups kept them from really getting to hanging out. Years later, Johnny reached out to Kirsten on Facebook to see what she'd been up to and it instantly kicked off a romance that neither of them expected.  It was if these two had been orbiting near each other for their whole life's just waiting for the stars to align so their worlds could collide. And collide they did, in the most beautiful way.

Things moved fast for these two and on their one year dating anniversary Johnny did something wild and from the heart. He asked Kirsten to marry him as they were rowing under the moon in the Salish sea. It was crazy, it was perfect and spontaneously free from pre-meditation. There was no ring, nobody (even Johnny) thought it would be happening that night but he more than made up for the unplanned proposal.  Since then, on each full moon, Johnny proposed again, wherever life had taken them - on local beach stroll, to the top of a Hawaiian volcano, to their kitchen late one night after a busy day's work. 12 full moons later on the next summer solstice, they brought friends to their cabin on Thormanby Island and Johnny (a passionate west coast chef) snuck a diamond ring into an oyster and for the 12th time took a knee. In the company of their amazing friends, Kirsten said yes for a dozenths time. They cooked earth, wind, ocean, and fire fuelled feast and celebrated under the Sunshine Coast stars.

Their wedding was a tribute to their love of the outdoors and their connection to Mother Earth. They walked barefoot throughout the day, took a break after the ceremony to have a dip in Ruby Lake, they ate locally sourced food made by friends and had a family friend and Shamanic Energy Singer bless them during their ceremony to connect all of their family and friends through the energy surrounding them.  The wedding day was a condensed manifestation of their love story and the perfect way to bring their communities together to celebrate and share in the love with them.


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