From the photographer, Ashley of Hawkeye Photography: After a year of marital bliss, these two wanted to celebrate their big milestone in the most amazing way. They loved the idea of recreating a bridal type shoot for their anniversary complete with flowers and cake! As the photographer, I was completely on board and just in love with their love. There is a true difference after a year. The love is unspoken, genuine, and gentle. We chose a location that was wild and rich with history. The florist and hair and makeup artist both set their designs to match. Wild foraged mixed with vibrant orange florals gave life to the barren feel of the location. The dark blue dress was a perfect compliment to her complexion, hair color, and the florals combined. The hair and makeup artist did the hair softly in a loose half up do with soft tucks kept wild to match. Along with a shimmery warm color pallet for her skin to enhance her natural beauty.  We set up a lovely picnic for them to enjoy their anniversary cake that filled the air with the scent of orange dreamsicles.  The cake designer created a beautiful savory citrus way for them to celebrate their love.


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