From the bride, Ashley: Our day began when way back when, it was only a dream churning in our hearts. It came to be alive because of prayer, faith and the time and effort put forth by friends and family. This day was so incredibly special not because everything went so perfect, but because of our story. The Lord is faithful and that day was a fulfillment of His promises to us. Deep desires, tears, wonderings, questions, years, growth, hope, faith, all came together and were perfected into a beautiful outcome. There was so much joy and peace that day. Our desire was not to make our wedding about us but about love and what it can do. We wanted everyone who came to feel a part of something bigger rather than to celebrate a tradition. To us it wasn't just a wedding but an important piece to a much larger vision. We are so thankful to all of those who traveled from all over the place to celebrate with us. When we reflect back to that day, "wow" is one of the only words that escapes our lips. It's hard to describe something when words don't do it justice. We will always look back with awe and thankfulness of our perfect day in the mountains.


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