Evergreen Real Wedding

Colorful Ranch Wedding in Evergreen

July 3, 2019

Laura Osborn/Rocky Mountain Bride

Colorado Wedding

Alex and Shawn had friends and family travel from all corners of the world for their wedding, which is why they wanted to make sure to welcome them with a lovely and cultured affair at their home in Evergreen, Colorado. Alexandra previously worked in Dubai as a flight attendant for royalty (she's been to about 60 countries - so impressive), and Shawn is in the restaurant industry; combine those two together and you get a couple who has a large focus on food, drink, and the overall look of their wedding. Building their wedding from the ground up began with their Tipi tent and ended with the finishing touches of floral-adorned "beer borough" donkeys! We combined natural touches from their ranch with their sophisticated and "more is more" mindset, to create this exciting and color-filled wedding.

- Colorado Wedding Planners, Table 6 Productions


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