How they met...

They started noticing each other at church and as they began to hangout in the same friends circle they became more and more interested in each other. Carter started to invite Shelley to one on one coffees but had disguised them as study/work dates, to not frighten her. One evening Carter had picked up coffee for the both of them to go on a walk around the pond near Shelley's house. Shelley didn't think anything of it because this was something they had done quite a bit of. When they turned the corner of the path, Shelley noticed that the gazebo had a blanket laid out and mason jars filled with candles everywhere and soft music playing in the background. She immediately turned to Carter and asked if this was for her. They both sat down and Carter proceeded to serenade Shelley with songs that he had written and gave her a heartwarming letter. The night ended with Carter asking Shelley to be her girlfriend. 


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