Inspiration behind the shoot: Shot in the grasslands of Santa Fe, New Mexico, this springtime wedding editorial was inspired by the jewel and pastel tones of the grasslands in spring, while keeping the design scheme grounded with the earthly elements of gold, geodes, wood, leather, and stone. We set the tone for the shoot with our natural, watercolor washed paper suite, and kept the good vibes flowing with our relaxing seating arrangement, where we set a low table with plenty of cushions so guests could picnic in the grass after the ceremony. 

Partnering with our local Anthropologie store, we adorned the table and ceremony area with much of their stunning ware for a whimsical, floral feel. Our hand painted ceremony centerpiece really seals the deal with its vibrant, abstract florals, evoking those warm, yet ethereal tones of spring in the grasslands. 

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