Love Story

Nick and Martha - two super awesome people. Martha is big into the outdoors and big mountain climbing - last year she was climbing Denali. Nick is in the air-force academy and so was a few of his grooms men. Martha is louder and the life of the party while Nick is more quiet with the best dry humor. The ceremony happened in the Stove Chapel at Colorado College in the Springs. From there, Nick, Martha, and I took couple’s photos at Monument Valley Park during golden hour. The rest of the party took place at the Phantom Canyon Brewing Company. 

One funny after story:... Martha’s middle name is “Lamb”… And her dad is a priest… So for after the wedding, Nick had arranged for surprising Martha’s parents by having someone put a pregnant goat into Martha’s parents garage before the parents got home. A note hung around the goats neck reading “One goat for one Lamb.” The ultimate wedding dowry prank! -and hilarious surprise for the parents…(all caught on film). :)  

~ Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer, Nate Shepard Photography


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