Bridal Inspiration

This shoot was 4 years in the making. I first had the vision for these Montana prairie bridal portraits while driving to a wedding. Being based in Central Montana some of my weddings are over 4 hours away. Driving through the plains, the drive can be long. With cattle outnumbering people in our state you can always guarantee that there you will pass fields and fields of cows. Did you know that we just reached a million people the other year and we have over 2.5 million cows? Either way, on one of the drives, I started thinking that of all of the bridal portrait sessions that I had seen colleagues post you never see a bridal shoot with a cow. You see a ton with horses, but with all of the girls who do 4H and those who raise dairy cows you never see a bridal shoot with a cow!

~ Great Falls Wedding Photographer, KC Kreit Photography


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