Calgary Styled Shoot

Frozen Ram Falls Elopement Inspiration

June 22, 2019

Laura Osborn/Rocky Mountain Bride

Calgary Elopement Inspiration

This elopement styled shoot was dreamt up over coffee with the extremely talented Madison of Madison Jamie Photography. We wanted to create something unique and beautiful to inspire ourselves after another busy wedding season.

The morning of the shoot we set out and wound our way on snow-covered gravel roads towards Ya Ha Tinda. The drive itself was special, laughing and swapping stories with Madison and passing through a breathtaking landscape, but nothing compared to the sight of the half-frozen Ram Falls that served as the backdrop to our shoot. Getting to the falls was an adventure as Madison fearlessly lead us and we slipped on fresh snow and clung to trees on steep sections. Once we arrived in front of the falls I had to pause for a moment and take it all in.

As Jilian and Kurt danced, cuddled, whispered and swayed it was a photographers paradise. I could not stop smiling despite the cold wind nipping at my cheeks and fingers.

- Alberta Wedding Photographer, Molly D. Photography


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