The Day

This was a session in celebration of their three year anniversary! We traveled to the Crest (of the Sandia Mountains), which is located about 45 minutes from Albuquerque. When we arrived it was pouring rain and I prayed for a break in the rain! After about 15 minutes it slowed down and we jumped out of the car. I first captured them in the forest and then we shot on the actual Crest with some amazing views! You can see the rain pouring over Albuquerque in a lot of them. I had them write letters to one another and we spent time in the middle of the session reading those letters. It was a very special moment because we did that when the rain picked up. We tried to hide under some trees and it was a very peaceful and serene moment, I loved it. We finished the session, as the sky began to get dark and the city lights turned on. 

These are dear friends to us! It has been a joy and blessing to watch their marriage grow and flourish through the joyful moments and the exhausting moments. They welcomed their baby girl, Quinn, in January and it was amazing to be their for that too. They love each other really well through all seasons of life and it was a blessing to reminisce and reflect on the last three years and to capture sweet memories for them. 

~ Albuquerque Wedding Photographer, Brittney Mundy Photography


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