A Spring Hike Engagement Session

June 1, 2019

Laura Osborn/Rocky Mountain Bride

Alberta Engagement Session

Jordan and I met later in life, at a time neither of us was really looking and with deep contentment with being independent. And then, on a frigid Thursday night in February, all that changed. It felt like coming home. We knew we had something incredible. And while talking about our mutual love of travel a few dates later, we joked that we should go away together. And then, through a game of travel-booking chicken, we ended up in Sayulita, Mexico for our 3rd date. We figured we'd end that trip knowing exactly where we stood. And turns out where we stood was forever. We were married in the same town in Mexico this past November. Sometimes, when you're not looking, you find the most incredible things.

- The Couple, Amy and Jordan


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