Katelyn met the funny and ridiculous Caleb through mutual friends when Katelyn returned home to Grand Junction after college. They had mutual love for adventures including trips to Moab and summiting 14ers. A year after Katelyn's return, Caleb asked her to marry him. They decided to get married in the mountains near Durango, at a retreat center operated by the non-denominational ministry Katelyn's dad works with. They opted for the more affordable DIY route, and their families wholeheartedly jumped on board to help. As a symbol of their unity, they planted two aspen trees (when planted side by side, they will grow together into a single trunk) and will return every year to carve their initials into the bark of the trees. Katelyn's father, Kyle Kostreva, officiated the wedding and presented them with a katana, using it as an allegory for the hardships of life that, when responded to correctly, will forge and shape them into a beautiful work of craftsmanship. 

mountain wedding

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