Montana Wedding

When I first started thinking about how we wanted the whole day to feel, I kept worrying about making it look timeless. I initially planned out a semi-modern scheme. As we started to hammer out real details, I realized both Carter and I are really just two old souls. I kept thinking about having a small seating area with vintage furniture, but the kind of pieces that could have been moved out of the Downton Abbey house. The rest of the details fell into place, inspired by Victorian touches with a slightly modern spin.

The first look was a really big deal for both of us. Since Carter was living in Seattle at the time of all the planning, I don't think anything hit him until that instant. He told me he was most excited to see my dress out of everything about our wedding day, so it was a very satisfying moment we got to have where we both realized it was time for us to have fun because it was finally our wedding day.

Surround yourself with people who love you and who love your husband-to-be just as much as they love you. The result is a day filled with love in every possible second. What else could you ask for on your wedding day?

- The Bride, Meri


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