So, as far as our story goes...

We are a now husband and wife photography team. We were engaged two years and planned, I think, four weddings. Every wedding we planned, we canceled halfway through, because it didn't feel right. A big wedding wasn't us. But an elopement didn't feel like us either. 

It took us two years, but when we decided on Colorado, nothing felt more right. We drove 50 of our favorite people up a dirt road to the top of a mountain to have our ceremony. My dad married us, my bridesmaid sang, and all our closest friends stayed in a Breckenridge cabin with us. 

A couple days after the wedding, my sweet husband had me put my dress back on and took bridal portraits of me on the highest road in the continental United States. 

To all those going through wedding planning, the best advice I can give is, don't settle. Just as we shouldn't settle in a marriage, don't settle on a wedding you don't want. We didn't have a DJ, a cake, a bouquet toss... and to me, all those things turned out to be white noise when we stripped it down to what was most important to us. I'm not less married because of it, and I don't feel like I missed out on anything. 

~ Bride, Lexi


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