Love Story

Brady and I started out as just friends. But friends quickly turned into best friends. We hung out every single day during the summer and would go to the lake or go hiking. But no matter what we did I honestly just enjoyed being with him. Some of our best times are spent doing the simple things like playing silly games or going to the grocery store. My sister fell in love with him, which I was happy about because I always told myself that she had to like whoever I was going to marry. It's funny that I didn't see it right away. One day brady came into my room and said "Abby I like you, I can't just be your friend anymore, it's too much for me!" My heart sunk into my chest when he said that, I couldn't possibly imagine losing him; after all he was literally my best friend. I wouldn't even say brady and I ever dated, we just continued to hang out all the time. It wasn't until he came with me to our family cabin that we decided that we wanted to get married and so we did that fall.

~ Wifey, Abby

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