This is the first of a two part series of gorgeous hair tutorials. As a wedding and lifestyle photographer, mom to three active little ones (and a German Shepard), and wife, I know how crazy life can get. Having just a few moments to put my hair together in the morning often means a ponytail or all down. When I met hair stylist and makeup artist Savanah Poulsen, I had a feeling she could rescue my forgotten locks. Just She's put together two classic, sleek, and quick hairstyles that you (and I!) can put together in those few early morning moments before our day (and schedule) starts! Cheers to the women of the world who are serving others, making late night grocery store runs, popping pies in the oven for parties, and making the holidays comfortable for your families. May you take a few moments for yourself to unwind and be wonderfully YOU. In your yoga pants or cocktail dress, you are fabulous, and we hope rocking these quick hairstyles will never let you forget!A special thank you to Paige of Blooms Flower Studio for hosting us in their beautiful storefront.
(Courtesy of Jennifer Munoz Photography)

STEP ONE: Beginning with loose curls or straight hair, piece and pick up the hair on the right side of your temple.

STEP TWO: Gently twisting that piece, bring it across the back of your head to the left side. Stop behind your left ear.

STEP THREE: Secure in place with a bobby pin.

STEP FOUR: Piece and pick up the hair on the left side of your temple.

STEP FIVE: Gently twist that piece and bring it across the back of your head to the right side. Stop behind your right ear.

STEP SIX: Secure in place with a bobby pin. Repeat as desired using alternating pieces of hair from the left and right side. Voila!

Photographer: Jennifer Munoz Photography Hair, Makeup + Model: Savanah Poulsen Bold Beautiful Life Venue: Blooms Flower Studio