The Natalia

1950s Havana by Gretchen Dawley

Sheath, Scoop, Long, Floor Length

This bias-cut gown is inspired by Natalia Revuelta Clews. She was a Cuban socialite, but was most well-known for being one of Fidel Castro’s many lovers. It was during their affair in the 50s that she conceived his child, Alina, and supported the revolution. Castro refused to recognize Alina as his child, which led Alina to despising her father and spending the rest of her adult life supporting anti-Castro movements. Meanwhile, it took many years for Natalia to release Fidel from her heart. This body-hugging sheath w/ front and back cowl and scalloped lace sleeves gives the feel of the real Natalia with subtle sex appeal and added drama with the scalloped sleeves.

Found in the Rocky Mountain Region:

Bozeman, MT - Poppy Bride

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