Let your groom wear what fits is personality! With all the style options available in menswear, get creative with more modern attire for wedding day that he will feel and look awesome in!


Ideal for the laid-back, stylish groom and bohemian bride. We adore the mismatch of colors, with the maroon slacks and the dark blue jacket styled by the ladies at Last Best Weddings. The mix of pattern in the shirt provides a textured look without the use of a tie, and the mushrooms in his boutonniere with pops of yellow and orange add a natural touch to this groom.


For the groom with an edgy look. The matte black suit paired with a rich burgundy boutonniere is both formal and allows his personality to show through the seams. 


Color can be formal! The mix of a slate blue suit, floral shirt and a pop of purple from the bow tie is both bright and bold - spot on for the playful groom. 


We adore a groom that is comfortable enough to let his true style shine through. This organic ,casual look blends together a grey tweed jacket, grey tones in the shirt and tie, with a dark denim jean. Perfect for a fall wedding, the boutonniere has a wild and organic feel that defines the look.