Emma and Grace in Denver Colorado

At Emma & Grace, we strive to find the dress that makes the bride feel so wonderfully and beautifully herself! We strive for our studio to be a place where  brides feel inspired and supported as they uncover the bride they want to be. 

When you walk into our studio, you will be welcomed in, offered refreshments and asked to fill out a short registration card with basic information about the wedding day. From there, you'll be introduced to the stylist that will work closely with you to find the perfect dress! (We are as excited as the bride to see what she picks!) 

The stylist will guide you and your group to your section of the salon. While everyone gets settled in, the stylist will chat with you about your vision for the wedding and discuss dress details that you are looking for or avoiding. After chatting for a couple minutes, the stylist will show you the layout of our salon, and set you free to shop and pick out three to four dresses to start off with. Your stylist will also ask if you need any undergarments such as a strapless bra or spanx.

bride to be wedding dress shopping at Emma and Grace in Denver Colorado

Then the real fun begins! You and your stylist will step into the dressing room to try on the gowns you and your group picked. After trying on a couple gowns, the stylist will use her expertise and your style to pull in other gowns that will fit the look and feel that you are going for. To be honest, sometimes the best gowns have zero hanger appeal, so that is where the stylists expertise will come in. Through out the whole appointment, the stylist will start a favorite pile of gowns and after around an hour of trying on gowns, we'll circle back to try on those favorites back to back. At that point, the stylist will introduce veils and accessories to complete the look- now it feels even more real! 

bride to be trying on wedding gowns at Emma and Grace in Denver Colorado

Sometimes it gets hard to narrow it down to one gown and rule out other beautiful dresses. But, that's what your stylist is for! She'll guide you through the process and help you ultimately pick the dress you see yourself wearing confidently on your wedding day! Remember, the most important thing about picking a gown is how you feel. You want to pick a gown that you feel amazing and beautiful in because at the end of the day, that is all that matters!

bride to be trying on wedding gowns at Emma and Grace in Denver Colorado