Bundles Gift Co.

Colorado Gifts & Favors

Welcome to Bundles Gift Co! We specialize in curating beautifully personalized gifts. From wedding welcomes to bridal party gifts, to favors, our priority is to ensure every gift is specially made to fit your style and budget!

We are a flexible company that strives to bring your gifting vision to life. We take a close look at all of the details and present ideas that are completely custom to you and your fiancé.  

Whether you are the type with a big vision or a big DIYer, you are in the right spot! You might even be a superstar event planner but your time would be better spent with your clients rather than in an assembly line of tissue stuffing and bow tying - We’ve got you covered!

We serve as a one-stop shop for creative gifts: we source, we assemble, we deliver.


Aspen, Colorado
United States
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