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Hannah has had one dream since childhood: to be a fashion designer. While not exactly sure what she would design, she knew that she wanted to create clothes that make women feel marvelous and confident in their own skin. She wanted to construct beautiful clothing that allows other women to express themselves. By following her passion, she would allow other women to do the same.

The youngest of four children, Hannah was certainly gifted with the creative gene in the family. Helping her mother sew elaborate costumes for dance competitions, sporting bold style choices in a less-than-avant-garde high school —  she never hesitated to stand out from the crowd. After studying fashion design at the University of Texas in Austin, she worked in the industry to gain experience in designing and manufacturing clothes for a high-end brand. But she knew that her true mission awaited for her elsewhere.

Hannah now owns Honeysuckle, a brand for new moms, and Heirloom, a custom bridal company. She continues to be uplifted by the each and every woman she gets to work with.


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